Pod Recycling Program 50 Empty Pods

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Pod Recycling Program

Are you tired of seeing your empty pods everywhere?

Are you worried about our precious planet?

Us too

Send us your empties, we send you discounts

Payouts - $0.05 per empty pod

So... 50 empty pods = $2.50

Pod Recycling program guidelines

    • empty pods without or without caps are accepted
    • we also accept all compatible pods

How it works

  1. Add one of our 3 recycling packages 50, 100, or 200
  2. We'll send you a padded envelope and a return label
  3. throw those empty toxic fuckers in the envelope, seal it up and tape the label
  4. Drop it off at your local post 
  5. When your empty pods reach us, we'll send a discount code. You can use this discount towards any sale without restrictions.


JUUL® is not associated with our recycling program