Plus Pods Green Apple 6% JUUL® Compatible 5 Pack

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 Green apples confuse my taste buds, in a good way.

The first bite is always the most confusing, is this apple sour? or is it super sour? 

The bites after come and go in a blur, my delicious sour green apple's done.

Plus pod green apple is the same. 

You don't know what to expect. 

But you'll be glad you took that first hit. And sad once the pods done.

What you need to know about Plus Pods

    • They taste great
    • Last about as long as a JUUL® pod
    • Burned hits are not as frequent as with Eon pods
    • Leakage is minimal (good job Plus Pods)


  • 4 x 1ml pods 6% nicotine each
  • Each pod has about 300 puffs


The use of third party/compatible pods voids your JUUL® device warranty