JUUL® Mint

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Why is Mint your goto flavor, Cecelia?

"Mint is the best juul® flavor in my opinion because unlike the other flavors, mint is a flavor that soothes. Like chewing gum, the mint pod leaves a refreshing aftertaste that makes it unbelievably calming.

I love the other flavors too but no matter how much I change up my rotations in my auto-shipment, I always run out of mint pods first because it's my goto.

For example, after eating or upon waking up, when I hit the juul® and its the mint flavor it mixes well with my mood. Mint wakes me up immediately and is a calling to get up so I can accomplish another fulfilled day"

1 pack = 4 pods

1 Pod = 0.7ml with 5% nicotine by weight (59g/ml)