Eon Pineapple Crush 6% 5 Pack

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Eon Smoke Compatible Pods - Pineapple Crush 6%

Who would like this best?

  • If you're¬†looking for another fruity flavor¬†
  • If you like pina coladas¬†
  • If you have a sweet tooth
  • If you can't taste your JUUL¬ģ pods anymore

Insider info on Eon Pods - 

  • They're formula is different from JUUL¬ģ's so the hit is different too, feels softer
  • They do leak, so we recommend using a spare device for eon pods
  • They finish fast! About twice as fast as JUUL¬ģ pods
  • They give you more burnt hit's than JUUL¬ģ
  • They taste amazing! But they're not for everyone
  • Don't start using Eon pods if you don't already smoke cigs. Invest your monies elsewhere :)

Contents - 

  • 4 pods per pack
  • 6% nicotine per pod


Using compatible pods voids your device warranty