Empty Pod Recycling Program

Join our Empty Pod Recycling Program and get paid for helping the environment!

We don't have to tell you how harmful plastic is to the environment.
And to be honest, us JUUL and e-cig users aren't helping.

This is why a group of ex-smokers and avid vaper's decided to start the pod recycling program.
The program is simple. You send us your empty pods and we pay you $0.05 each. 
Our main concern is to reduce the plastic pods and e-cig waste footprint on our planet.
Years from now, we DON'T want to see empty JUUL pods in gutters.
"Yeah I like saving the planet, but what's this going to do for me now?"
Great question :)
Is a good conscience enough for you?
How about cheaper pods?!
Your recycled pod payments are sent to you as discount codes to use as you please at our online shop (no strings). Not to mention our non fruit-flavored pods are the cheapest online
Now you must be thinking, what are you guys going to do with all the empty pods?
We're going to use them as pieces of a bigger art show (think legos)

Send us your empties and we'll make you an exhibit.

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For detailed information about our recycling program click here

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JUUL Labs, Inc is not associated with our empty pod recycling program