Why aren't you recycling your empty pods?

Yeah, JUUL’s the best alternative for adult smokers . But did you also know that unlike cigarette butts, empty JUUL pods last forever?!

Plastic and aluminum don’t just disappear. They end up in landfills, hurting our precious planet.

And it’s not like cigarette butts aren’t harmful, they just decompose much faster.

A perfect example of where this empty plastic pod problem may be heading is like Nespresso and Keurigs instant coffee capsules.

Making coffee was never the same again, but at what cost?

These easy to use plastic capsules became an environmental nightmare! Billions of these of delicious little fuckers litter city streets, waste dumps and waterways.

Enough about coffee, lets get back to nicotine.

JUUL Labs, designed their product to fit the needs of todays modern smoker.

Sleek, petite, discrete and packs a punch. Not to mention the uncountable health benefits of quitting cigarettes.

JUUL Labs made a product so good and perhaps a little addicting, it catapulted it past the moon and stars.

Did you know that no other company reached JUUL Labs status in such a short time? Crazy!

JUUL’s popularity isn’t by accident, it’s designed this way.

If you create a satisfying alternative to one the biggest causes of death in the world (cigarettes), you’re going to win. And when you win, well everyones wants to join.

It’s how business works.

You’ve seen how many pod systems came out last year alone. And this is just the beginning.

Not to mention the countless JUUL compatible pods hitting the market.

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to see more and more empty pods on the streets.

Let’s think about this for second

If the average JUULer finishes one pod a day, thats 365 pods a year.

Now multiply that by the vast number of JUULer’s in the USA (JUUL sold more 16 million devices in 2017) and without a doubt that number is far greater now.

Now keep that USA number to the side and picture how many JUULers are “JUULing”(apparently we’re not allowed to used JUUL as a verb, but fuck it) around the world.

JUUL Labs, did a tremendous job in its international expansion, cleverly maneuvering international nicotine regulations.

You see what I’m getting to here?

They’re empty plastics packs of poison!

And they’re going to end up EVERYWHERE

Think about it for a second…

What if a dog swallowed an empty pod?

What if someone slips on one of them?

And what if the empty pods are left near trees?

This empty pod problem is only going to get bigger (JUUL owns 70% of the vape market), and expanding fast.

Ask yourself-

How many empty pods do you have lying around your room? your car? your backpack?

What do you do with your empty pods?

Do you want to join us in our mission to reduce, reuse, and recycle empty pods?

You don’t have to do much. We send you everything you need to recycle your empty pods:

  • Three recycling options, depending on how many empties you have
  • Free shipping and free return shipping
  • A padded envelope so you don’t have to go get one
  • Those clear label envelopes, so you don’t have to use any tape
  • Plus we pay you $0.05 per empty pod

Now you’re probably wondering what are you guys going to do with all these empty pods?

We thought about reselling them but that’s gross and unsanitary. Not to mention not as much fun as what were doing.

We’re creating art made of empty pods and exhibiting it in our hometown Brooklyn. We’ll keep you updated :)

What are you waiting for? Your empty pods are just taking space or worse choking a puppy (jk)

Sign up for our recycling program and get paid for helping the environment and creating art!

Let’s save our planet from toxic plastic together while creating masterpieces

“We’re too smart to make the same mistakes again”


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