What are you doing with my empty pods? 🧐

what are you doing with my empty pods


You recycled your pods, but you're wondering what are these guys doing with them? How are they recycling them?

You have questions, we have answers.

We hope this short post will shed some light on your concerns


How does the autopods recycling process work?

We start by cleaning out the pods. As you know nicotine is absorbed through the skin. Not to mention the countless bacteria present (it's been in people’s mouths). 

What’s your cleaning process?

Our main concern is disinfecting the pods and removing any residual nicotine. We do this in a three step process: Separation, Disinfection, and Thermal drying

Separation -

During the separation phase, we sort the Pods by flavor and brand. Colored caps are removed and stored by color. 

Disinfection - During this phase empty pods are washed and disinfected. Because of the disinfection process, clean pods CANNOT be used for refilling or human consumption. 

Thermal Heating

 During this phase the pods are heated at 125 degrees Fahrenheit to get rid of residual liquids from the disinfection phase. 


Once the three phases are complete, pods are inspected for leftover moisture and nicotine. Those found with residue are send through the thermal heating phase again. 

After all this is done, we cap the pods and separate the pods by flavor, color and brand.  

From there our artists pick and choose which color pods they want for their masterpieces. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do the pods smell after your cleaning process?

Most pods come out smelless (I don’t know if that’s a word), with the exception of Virginia tobacco. You still get a hint of of the Virginia.

Are the pods safe to touch after? 

Yeah. However we do encourage all our artists to use gloves.

What kind of art pieces are you guys making?

We’re mostly creating lego-esque figures along with two-dimensional mosaics. If you have any ideas please feel free to share them with us

Aren’t you just gluing pods together like legos? How is that recycling?

I’m glad you asked that. While our research team finds a viable solution to repurpose or dispose of the empty pod,. we decided to have fun with the trash. Better a statue pod of batman than pods on the streets, right?

How many pods do you guys have?

Not enough. Too many pods end up on street corners, college campuses, and bathrooms. We can’t do this alone. Tell your friends, family, and anyone who uses a pod system. There’s options out there. We don’t have to add to our planets growing plastic epidemic.

Will there be an exhibit?

Good karma and your help and I’m sure we’ll have an amazing exhibit curated for you. In the meantime were working on an online gallery.

Why don’t you guys resell the empty pods?

Interesting question. Crossed our minds, but it’s gross. Plus we don’t want to be apart of the growing e cigarette black market targeting our youth. 

Also, if you don't want to recycle, you can refill the pods on your own (it’s frowned upon by JUUL Labs Inc). But it's recycling too :)

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