Wait... You want my SSN for JUUL pods? Are you nuts?

The last time I gave anyone my SSN was my accountant , you know tax season - _-

It's my identity .  

Why does an e cig manufacturer need that anyways?

I'll upload my ID but thats about it.

Now if only a savvy New Yorker fixed this little hiccup.

And made it better!

Autopods gets you all the pods you want at an amazing price, without the invasion of privacy.

I mean come on JUUL lol

Plus well get your pods delivered wherever you want. 

None of that bullshit of mismatched addresses on your ID, Fuck that! People move apartments

Did I forget to mention, we deliver in NYC in under an hour? And for just 5 bucks!

I'm not saying JUUL's doing a "bad" job

Autopods is just doing it a little different :)

If you're tired of all the shenanigans, give autopods a try. 

It's easy, convenient, and we don't work for Marlboro. 

Sorry not sorry.

NYC JUUL pod delivery 


It's easy. Place your order, schedule a delivery time and bam! We're on our way 


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