Should you refill empty JUUL Pods?

If you want.

I mean they're yours.

And what else are you going to do with empty pods? (recycle them perhaps lol)

But should you?

Let me tell you a story and you decide

I started using my JUUL  back in 2016. It took four phone calls and 4 store trips to get me a pack.

It was ridiculous!

I found my favorite vape, but I couldn't use it.

It got to the point where I went fuck this and started experimenting with refilling my empty pods.

It was fun at first, I had unlimited juices to try, I saved money and I didn't have to run to 4-5 shops to get my pods.

But there's a dark side to refilling JUUL pods.

  • High nicotine juice spilling into your mouth (that shit hurts)
  • Pods leak into the your JUUL¬†messing it up.
  • Burned hits (not fun at all)
  • Weak throat hits (so you keep on hitting)
  • And its messy, not mention how fast nicotine is absorbed through the skin.

If you're going to refill pods, wear gloves.

You should also keep in mind JUUL Labs  e-liquid is "special"

There's no other salt nicotine e-liquid like it (look at how the JUUL Labs juice moves like thick molasses in the pod ).

JUUL is not playing.

How to make your pods last longer

If you're finishing your pods too fast, slow it down. 

Remember, your JUUL isn't meant to be hit every 30 seconds.

Pace yourself.

You don't need 20 puffs to get your fix. Take a few hits and put it away.

It also helps to keep your JUUL out of your hand (I know it feels great).

"But I use it as a fidget spinner and it helps keep my hands busy"

Use a pen or an actual fidget spinner. 

Point is don't keep your JUUL on you at all times. You're just going to keep hitting it. 

I do it, you do it, and so does everyone whose addicted to JUUL out there. 

We have to be mindful and aware of how many times we hit our JUUL.

More on this in another blog post.

So you still want to refill your empty JUUL pods?

I don't blame you.

JUUL pods are expensive compared to 30ml salt nicotine e-liquids.

To make your job easier, I've linked the best, easiest, and fastest how to refill empty JUUL pods video on youtube. 

Vape Reviews, Nathan shows you how to get it done like a pro.

In a few seconds, you'll have a full JUUL pod.

Watch the first 45 seconds and you you're good to go.

I recommend wearing gloves when using high nicotine e liquids.

One more thing, when putting the rubber cover back on, DO NOT cover the top hole!

If you do, you'll create extra pressure in the pod and the liquid will seep through the bottom of the pod. 


JUUL Labs, inc says using compatible pod or refilling your pods voids your device warranty 

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