Only Buy JUUL Pods In Bulk

But there's no way I can smoke all the pods!

of course not, at least not all at once.

We all know how many pods we run through a day.

And if we use quick mafs - Number of Pods Smoked a Day x 7 = Number of Pods Smoked a week. 

So for me weekly pods = 1.5 x 7 = 10.5 pods a week. Or 2 packs and 3 pods a week

Check out our cigarette to JUUL Pod calculator to see how many pods you'll need every month. It's easy!

Yeah I Juul a lot, but that's beside the point. 

The point is to save you money! Not only that, but winter is coming. 

Add to the mix how the FDA is banning flavored e liquids from all convenience stores.

Picture yourself on a cold December evening, iPhone weather apps says stay home. 

But you're out of delicious mango pods :( The nearest vape shop seems miles away. 

If only you had a stash of pods in your drawer like me. 

Click the picture for all the pods!

juul pods


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