How to Schedule an autopod NYC Pod Delivery?

NYC Pod Delivery

We do things a little personal at autopods.

After placing your order with the NYC delivery option, we'll reach out to you.

We do this because we understand your schedule is busy and as a way to make sure no one underage makes a purchase.

And by communicating one on one, we ensure you get your delivery when and where you want.

We'll reach out to you via text at

  • 917-410-6544

If you don't provide us with a phone number, we'll reach out via email. 

You can request apartment drop offs or door man drop offs (lucky you lol).

 Let us know what you what you want and we'll be on our way


Get Auto

Save yourself the trouble of searching multiple stores to get your favorite flavor. Stay home, relax. The pods will be on their way

We want to make this easier for you.

If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints, let us know. 

We'd love to hear from you


A juuler figuring things out


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