Marblboro Wants a Piece of JUUL

It's about time Big Tobacco made a move at the vape market leader. 

JUUL's been kicking ass. And yes a part of the sales came from 13-18 year olds. But for us adults, JUUL's got us smoking less and less cigarettes. Ask any of your friends who JUUL. 

Thanks to recent FDA crack downs, JUUL's in a tough place. To keep the FDA at bay, JUUL wont sell 50% of it's products in over 90,000 retail shops. That's a lot of money.

It's not all bad news, JUUL still sells all its flavors online. Except they want your social security number HA! 

The offer from Altria, Marlboro's parent company, couldn't come at more perfect time. JUUL isn't making all the big bucks it used to. And new ID technology costs money.

Not to mention the many mistakes JUUL could have avoided if they studied big tobacco. Like the  the JUUL sponsored e-cigarette lesson plan. That's straight out of Big tobaccos play book. 

JUUL can gain more than a few million dollars out of this deal. But is it worth it?

Lets make a pros and cons list

Pros -

  • Capital -  helps the company grow
  • Expertise - big tobacco did this in the 90's
  • Connections - big Tobacco has connections everywhere

Cons - 

  • Perhaps Altria is secretly planing on stealing JUUL secret salt nicotine formula
  • Backlash from loyal customers 
  • Going against your company beliefs
  • Altria is only doing this to increase it's stock value

As you can see JUUL has a tough decision to make.

Giving Altria a tiny piece of the pie will help JUUL grow and give them access to guidance from titans in the industry.

But is that worth the back lash from loyal customers? Or going against all your company values? 

What would you do if you were in JUUL's situation? Would you take the deal?

Who do you think gets more out of this deal? JUUL or Altria?

Let us know in the comments :)


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