Don’t Let Your Nicotine Habit Stop You From Reaching The Top

You’re in front of the interview building. You waited months for this opportunity. The last thing you want to do is blow it.

You’re stressed the fuck out, but you know you got this.

Still, a cigarette would soothe your nerves. Without a thought, you reach for your pack of lights and spark one up. Meanwhile running interview questions and answers in your head.

In the elevator you notice the smell!”

Shit! They’re definitely going to smell you upstairs.

What kind of impression is it going to leave on your potential employers? What does it say about you? What does that convey about your future at the company?

Now imagine this time, you take out your JUUL and take few puffs before going inside. It’s sexy, petite, and discrete. All you have to do is take a puff and put it away. No smell, just delicious nicotine.

Chances are you’ve been in similar situations. So why throw all your hard work away? Or break the promise you made to quit. Or getting back to the gym?

All for a nicotine craving.

It’s okay if you’ve tried to quit and failed, again and again. Every failure is a step towards your goal. You’re not alone, there’s one billion of us.

Why is it so hard to quit?

We’re dealing with one of the most addicting chemicals, Nicotine. When nicotine reaches the brain, it fits perfectly into a receptor that releases those "feel good chemicals".

The more nicotine your brain gets, the more receptors it creates. All of them wanting to be fed with more nicotine. If these receptors don't get the nicotine they crave, you experience withdrawal/stay away from me symptoms.

Who's the JUUL for?

It's for you if you want to run a 5K but your lungs took a beating. Or you don’t want your kids remembering you by that “smell”. Or you’re just tired of all the horrible shit cigarettes bring.

JUUL will help you get there.

All your body craves is nicotine, and JUUL lab’s patented nicotine salts are the same ones found in the tobacco leaf.

juulonly nicotine salts graph

Each JUUL pod has 0.7ml of magic JUUL salts at 5% nicotine. About the same as a pack of cigarettes. If you're curious about the cigarette to JUUL pod conversions, check out our calculator. Plug in your numbers and we'll do the rest. 

Best part is smokers save an average of 35% when switching. It's a win, win, win. 

No wonder millions of smokers made the switch, and never looked back.

Chances are you’ve been in similar situations. So why ruin your chances for success? Or break the promise you made to yourself for quitting or getting back to the gym?  All for a nicotine craving.

Why not give JUUL a try?

Couple of bucks for pinker lungs? Who wouldn’t take it

JUUL makes it super easy to start with the Starter Kit. Each kit comes with four different flavors for you to sample

  • Mango - Rich mango flavor with hints of tropical fruits
  • Mint - crisp peppermint and a soothing aftertaste
  • Creme - vanilla, silky custard, and crème
  • Virginia Tobacco - Rich American tobacco  

With JUUL, the nicotine reaches your brain in seconds, just like cigarettes. Except with a delicious  aftertaste and 507 less toxins.

Whenever you feel the craving coming, take a JUUL hit. Keep the nicotine monster at bay.

Hit in your car without worrying about that nasty “odor”.

Or while you’re walking your pupper, Bella

Or rip it with your coffee on your way to work and not smell like a chimney to your boss.

Before you know it, you’ll be smoking less and less cigarettes!

"we don't smoke anymore, we JUUL"

Grab your Mango Starter Kit, before JUUL pulls it off the shelf!


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