A Tastier Alternative to JUUL Pods

tastier alternative compatible pods


No, I'm not talking about refilling your JUUL pods (it's not bad though)

It's messy and the pods leak way too much.

I'm talking about Eon Smoke JUUL Compatible pods.

What JUUL pods lack in sweet delights, Eon has plenty.

Why would I want to switch from JUUL pods?

As satisfying as JUUL pods are, their flavors aren't remarkable and their flavors selection is "lacking"

After hitting the same flavor for months, you taste it less and less.

When I started to notice my  JUUL mango flavor begin to fade I switched to Mint for a bit. That did the trick for me. 

But sometimes I wanted a more relaxing, tastier vape. And perhaps a  softer throat hit.

Eon JUUL compatible pods did the trick for me.  Switching between JUUL mango and Eon Pineapple gave me the sweet, soft  vapor I wanted. 

My mango pods started lasting longer. One JUUL pod lasts me about two days when I added Eon pineapple to the mix V.S one JUUL pod a day. 

Who are Eon pods for?

  • If you're tired of not tasting your favorite JUUL flavor
  • If you want more flavor variety¬†
  • If you want a soft, tasty¬†vape
  • If you're tired of refilling your JUUL pods

The delicious flavors include 

Here are a few things I noticed when I used eon pods in my JUUL - 

  • The crackle is a lot louder when you put in a fresh pod
  • I did get a few more burnt hits on the eon pods
  • The liquid in the pods is a lot more fluid than JUUL's is
  • They finish a lot quicker than JUUL pods
  • Flavors taste great
  • The throat hit is splendid, closest to a JUUL hit I've tried so far
  • They tend leak so use a spare JUUL for Eon pods

One tip you need you need to smoke eon pods

If you're pod isn't hitting or you're getting burnt hit, take your pod out and clean the bottom connectors. Chances are they're wet. Swabbing the inside of your JUUL wouldn't hurt either :)

Let us know how you much you love or hate Eon pods in the comments 


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