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How our Recycling Program works

  • You send us your empty pods

    Recycle 50, 100, or 200 empty pods. Don't worry we pay for everything.

  • We get your empties and you get paid

    Toss em, seal it, and ship it. Shipping's also on us.

  • Disinfecting, Sorting and Creating

    We clean, sort and build with your recycled empty pods.

Our Story

Just over a year ago, nicotine pod systems dominated the e-cigarette market. Cigarettes are out, pods are in. Our lives changed, and so did millions of others. Yet, as our lungs clear up, our streets fill with tiny plastic pods. If left unchecked, this new "waste"will wreak havoc on our ecosystem. What if our empty pods are used to make something beautiful, interesting, funny, or even weird?  That's what we do - Art by recycling

Empty pods recycled

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Do you only accept JUUL®pods?

We accept all pods

Is the return shiping free?

Of course! We send you eveyrthing you need to recycle your empty pods.

Do you guy resell the empty pods?

Interesting question. Crossed our minds, but it’s gross. Plus we don’t want to be apart of the growing e-cigarette black market targeting our youth. Also, if you don't want to recycle, you can refill the pods on your own (it’s frowned upon by JUUL Labs Inc). But it's recycling too :)

What can I use my recycling dollars on?

Anything in our shop! Shop as you please It's your money. Plus no minimums.

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Youth Prevention

JUUL® is an adult only product. 

To help curb underage use, all customers must verify their age.

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